1 Counseling

Submit for our free counseling with your preferred date and time information. Confime the date and time. At the free counseling, please tell your fitness goal to our counselor like "Gaining muscles" or "losing weight". Also about your fitness, sport activity experiences and daily food habits.
We will explain how we can guarantee your results from nutritional scientific theory, and also be able to show you other people's tracking date in every sessions.

2 Our Trainers

Start taking sessions with our trainers. Once you register for our membership, you will start taking session with us. All the session will be scheduled, so please make schedule for all of your 16, 24, or 36 times of session at first point. Our trainer will share your fitness goal, and all the workout moves should be calculated by calories and your physical conditions. So, all the moves in session may be different everytime you come back.

3 Face to Face Private session

Many working out moves are difficult to do them correctly by yourself, And also somemoves are risky to do it by yourself. It could cause injury. Also by doing some workout with personal trainers, You can learn how to workout with good form to make your workout more efficient.

4 Food Consultation

For example, Here we put how we give advice for food for people who wants to lose weight. We choose "Low carbohydrate diet method" basically, But people usually do not know correct information about which food contains carbohydrate or not. And which is good food to eat, Or not.
So, we use chat software on our phone, And you will report all the food you eat so that we will give you advice. This makes you know which is good to eat or not good, And you will be able to choose right kind of food by yourself after 2 or 3 month experience.


To get close to your ideal shape.
The knowledge about exercise, Nutrition knowledge to practical use together!

service fees

19,900 Baht / Monthly

(Register 5,000 Baht)

Private room
Basic course for 2 months
2 Months for changes

Counseling Here