how to join?

Sign up to get a free counseling

After that please confirming time and date for a free counseling.
It may be the case that the trainer must take care of other customers.
So please confirm the exact date of appointment.

The goal of a free counseling.

(You can ask to purpose of weight loss? or gain muscle? etc.)

As for the question that has been lose weight before but failed. Can consult us about these experiences as well. The trainer will try to answer theoretical.

Let's check the present status of your body.

(Weight, muscle, fat, ameasure of metabolism.)

Even in a free counseling can di that too. To confirm the results of your present body. Trainer can be answer how to shape up.

Contracts, Scheduled

The contract will be fixed to scheduled the training room. Even in the event of a job or to work off-site. You can change the schedduled prior.

To provide nutrition advice we have create a chat group.

In that group 1-2 of our trainers, including a cousulting nutritionist in attendance.
After activation we will provide advice through photos of food delivered from 7 customers.

Implementation of conrinuous exercise.

Trainer is a friend, a coach, in the gym and other time. Provide support to your ideal shape!
Some strict time, Some tender but they also understand the state of mind and efforts best!

Graduate courses

The knowledge gained from BO'DI:K.
The knoeledge and confidence in the results.

And also have knowledge about nutrition. All those knowlesge becomes your life time knowledge. So you want to try step by step with us or not.