Start by scheduling a counseling session today

We welcome only those people who fully understand how our system works to the gym.

You will not be able to enter if you have doubts or concerns.

You must talk with a trainer before entering.

So please, Start by with one of our free counseling session.

Come and see one of our gyms.

Talk to one of our trainers.

Ask questions and learn new things.

Clear your doubts and questions before you get started.

The counseling session is absolutely free.

You have no obligation to join when completing a session.

You will not be pressured into joining.

Please come and visit.

Feel free to bring a friend along.

However, these consultation take time, so please only apply if you are serious.
We ask that you do not apply if...

  • you just want to ask questions about dieting.
  • You are in the personal fitness profession.
  • Have no intention of joining
  • You don't intend to pay even if you lose weight

  • Otherwise, you are more than welcome, Feel free to schedule an appointment.

    * Free counseling is only available if scheduled, Please use the below from to apply.

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